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Each project starts with a complimentary discovery session. This is where you tell us all of the specifications you need for your website to function for you. Not sure what you need? No problem, we ask questions to make sure we get it right.



We draft a project proposal that you approve before we start developing your project. You can be as involved in this process as you would like. We love when people ask questions and are involved, but understand if you just want it done.



One of the most important parts of the project is testing your website. We want to find what doesn't work before it launches, so we can fix it ahead of time. Depending on the complexity of your project, this can take some time.


Starter Package

Starting At $1,499.99

Best for information only or static websites.

Custom Site
Domain Registration
5 Custom Pages
1 Form
1 Hr of Training
Marketing 101 Guide

Pro Package

Starting At $4,999.99

Best for online stores and accepting online payments.

Custom Site
Domain Registration
Unlimited Custom Pages
3 Forms
2hrs of Training
Marketing 101 Guide

Premium Package

Starting At $9,999.99

For websites requiring complex integrations or e-commerce websites with a large catalog.

Custom Site
Domain Registration
Unlimited Custom Pages
Unlimited Forms
4hrs of Training
Marketing Package and Setup
3 Months of FREE Ongoing Support
1 Year Website Review and Refresh

What's the difference?

Web Designers vs Web Developers

Website designers do not use code to create a website. Their primary focus is on how a website looks and functions for an end user. In this instance it would be your clients or customers. Is it easy to find the information they are looking for? Is the site visually appealing?

Designers often do not actually put your website together and work hand-in-hand with a developer to create the finalized product. Designers give a developer a finalized mockup with color pallets and templates for the the developer to base a site on.

Web developers take the designs from a designer and use coding languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Python to code the website. Most developers are specialized in working on the back end of a website, the front-end, and in some cases both. These are known as back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers.

What does Adage Design Technologies do?

Adage Design Technologies is a full service web development company. We are a small business like you and do everything from design and development in house. On occassion we will contract an outside developer to help with a project.

Web Development Tools we Use


Used for image editing and template/layout design


Advanced website development, but limited commerce ability.

Google Sites

A basic grid style web editor. Must have a Google account to utilize.


An easy to use online web editor with nice features.